Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I've been having these moments. Moments where I think I want to start blogging again. Part of me keeps telling myself that I have nothing to blog about. No cute outfits to pose in while Zach snaps shots of me feeling super awkward, no crafts that I've been making, no tasty things I've been baking, no tutorials of how to do anything. Basically I felt like the blog world was taken to a whole new level and I just wasnt there. I mean, I just would get on here- blab about nothing and call it good. Then what do you know...a year goes by- a really important year may I add- and I don't blog. Not once. And guess what? I'm sorta sad about it. Not for you guys- I'm sure you were glad you didn't have to hear all about mine and zachs every detail. But for my own sake- I woul have loved to be able to go back and read about the proposal. Or the showers. Or the wedding. And yes- I can still write about it now. But it just won't be the same as it would have been, had I been living it and writing it in the very moment. I guess that what journals are for. But I suck at doing that too. I always envied Sophie for her discipline and amazing ability to write in her journal every night. Her kids (and herself) are going to be so so grateful that she did. I wish I was more like that.  

I guess it's never too late to jump back on the wagon. It's better than regretting it even longer right? I can't promise that it's going to be all that interesting. But I guess that's not really the reason I startde blogging in the first place,( to impress people). So yes it might just be a jumble of thoughts- but it's something. And there will probably be lots of errors and grammatical issues. But we're just going o have to throw those rules out the window. Because I type just how I talk and me and my tiny little cracked phone screen don't have the time or patience to be picky with errors:)

Okay well here's to another new start at this thing. Let's hope this time I stick to it. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011


today i was reminded why i love winter. because then i can listen to this song over and over and not feel weird. it will always be one of my favorite winter time songs :)

and i MAYYY or may not be counting down to ingrids new cd...coming january. 24th. talk about best day EVER!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

the best medicine.

what's better than laughing? the kind that you cant breathe or tears fall from your eyes. the kind that comes from deep inside you and takes over your entire body. the kind that makes you forget about everything else going on. 

laughter is so interesting.  our bodies do it naturally. we recognize something is funny and our bodies and minds react so quick and out comes this sound that you cant do on purpose. you cant REALLY, honestly, laugh on purpose. of course you can fake laugh- but a true heart felt laugh, its just cant be done.

i love that everyone can laugh, but every ones laugh is different.  every ones sounds unique to them. i remember the very first night that i met Zach- i noticed his laugh over everything else. it was so unique to him and his eyes would water, without fail. he is one of those people that you like to have around if you think you are funny- because he will laugh at all your jokes. yes, in high school he got in trouble a lot because he was the kid that was laughing in the middle of class and couldn't stop. i remember hearing him laugh and thinking how much i liked his laugh. it was genuine and when i heard it, i would laugh too.

who ever said that laughter is the best medicine is genius. it was no mistake that we are made to laugh. it is something we do so much and its so common that i tend to forget just how simply wonderful it is :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

let the sounds flood my ears

i like music. this is currently some tunes im enjoying. take a listen if you want. but only if you want.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

n o s t a l g i a

"The term of "feeling nostalgic" is more commonly used to describe pleasurable emotions associated with and/or a longing to go back to a particular period of time."

im feeling that way. im feeling nostalgic. yearning for the past.  dont get me wrong, however, i love the present. but i cant help but have a part of my heart that craves a bit of my past. it seems as if random things throughout my day will remind me of that part of my life. eating muffins,  drinking redbulls, hearing certain songs, wearing black, eating popcorn in ziploc bags, seeing the letters- PMTS. the year and a half of my life spent in none else, but good old hair school.

every morning i woke up to the sound of miss kerilyn hoping in the shower and turning on her "wake up " radio. at least thats what i called it. it was either blaring top 40 radio- or what i call "hollister music" ya know- like yellowcard and that kind of stuff.  i disliked her hollister music, but i didnt mind because i had purple ear plugs with me at all times and would just stick those babies right in.  i was always last to get up.  sometimes cates would have to come in my room and remind me that we had school in 20 minutes. if i was lucky, sophie was usually sleeping on my floor.  on a home made bed of random comforters and pillows from different odds and ends of the apartment. i was obnoxious in the mornings. i was always running late, but yet i was happy as a clam. i rolled out of bed every morning still laughing from the day before. it was simple.  there was nothing extravaggant about these mornings- but i miss them all the same.  i miss all getting ready in the same bathroom and then all taking our own cars to school up the street a couple blocks. (i still dont know why we did that?)

the days were filled with saving seats, pretending to help judy, running off to other schools to help with the design team, walking over to crest 343298 times a day, laying on the lunch table outside praying your number didnt get called (or pretending it wasnt your number when it did get called- wait a second....? haha) sippin on redbull and eating bags and bags of fire cheetos, chatting in the laundry room, and of course making fun of katys voice when she was the ticket runner. there was no such thing as a boring day at paul mitchell.  the memories we had are endless. somehow all i can remember is how much i laughed during that 18 month period of my life.  whether it was because chelsea was driving like a mad women in her yellow smart car, or because cates had fallen asleep for the 5876th time in class or aunt kath was trying to hook us up with her sons friends in highschool.  

our little group formed into the most diverse hilarious bunch that i ever had the pleasure of knowing.  we went everywhere together. we were all so different- but thats exactly what i loved the most.

first there was chelsea. 99.  the quiet, somehow barely on time, never slept a wink, long blonde fresh beauty from provo. she was always dissapearing and reapearing without saying a word. i swear she had a secret life that she was living in that tiny smart car of hers. she could take you on the ride of your life in that thing, speeding like no tmrw, but somehow NEVER got pulled over.  she had her head on straight from day one and the minute i took a look into her ipod and saw that we had 98% of the same artists- i had instant love for her.

then bounced in miss katy. 95.  her strinking features and touchy nature was hard to miss. she had drive and motivation bursting from every pore of her body.   creativity spilled from her finger tips and opinions freely flowed out of her mouth everywhere she went. it was the deep conversations at the shampoo sink while tears both streemed down our faces, i felt like i had found a new older sister. 

there was also our little b. 39.  when she wasnt sleeping- she was being her loveable self- befriending people all around her.  although we always teased her for being "blonde and ditzy" she was the punctual one. she was on time and she was always just ONE step ahead of everyone- whether that meant signing up for something, getting something paid for, having her homework complete etc etc.  story telling isnt her biggest strong point- but listening to her tell a story could have you in tears.  she was able to laugh at her self more than anyone else i know. and sometimes there was nothing sweeter than hearing her say "wait what?" 

somehow we managed to squeeze a boy in there. jordan. 26.  every girl had a crush on him, including every learning leader as well.  he was our little smooth punk rocker that somehow mangaged to put up with all of us girls. with his all black vans, slicked back hair, and a little cocky yet most respectful persona, he was the cherry on top of our crew.

mackenzie came next. 50.  she was the love struck innocent beauty. if you were a missionary- you would want kenz as the girl who was waiting for you.  she was always sending off packages, recieve movie worthy love letters or  crossing off the days till her boy came home. seeing how happy she was, made you happy- just to know her.  she reminded everyone around her what it was like to be in love and sometimes there was nothing more endearing than simply just that.

cant forget miss kerilyn. 20.  sassy could have been her middle name. she made everyone around her laugh and she had more personality packed into that little red firey self of her than she knew what to do with.  cat lover, music lover, and tlc addict- this girl became the spice to my sugar. strangers made her nervous- but if you ever saw her sing "salt n peppa" you wouldnt believe she had a shy bone in her body.  she had her own lingo that we all picked up- she placed a "the" in front of every noun.  the crest.  the taco bell.  the forever21.  she was my 11.

unexpectadly we had a missing piece from our puzzle join us.  que marissa. 51.  rissa only joined us for the last part of school but it didnt take long before she was showing us her crazy faces while still mangaing to be the most perfect thing we had all ever laid eyes on.  how she balanced it all, being so fashionable, hilarious, and of course making really good home made videos.  her confidence was admireable and i think if we all had a girl crush- it was on her.  

mary quite contrary. mary had a little lamb. mary jean. 87.  she could spray a energy drink about a foot in the air.  she was the life of the party and rukkkus was wear the memories were made.  she knew how to party like a rock star, yet was the sweetest bad girl i knew.  her contagious laugh was one that made everyone else laugh just when you heard it.

last but not least darling little soph.  74.  if there was a teachers pet- she wins.  i think she could have ran for president at pmts. with that little voice of hers, and compassion for everyones feelings- soph is what tied us all together.  she made sure that not a soul was left out.  she was everyone's "go to girl." everyones conselor and everyones best friend. .there times we had to look out for her- and tell everyone to put away their dang peanuts unless they wanted to fight in the back alley. with a smart water in hand-, and a blue berry muffin in the other, she was ready to conquer everyones problems.

we somehow found ourselves, despite how different we all were- being new best friends. i saw these guys without fail, 5 days a week from 9-4, for a year and half straight.  i knew these people better than i knew myself sometimes.  we laughed, we cried, we got annoyed with eachother, we laughed some more and we loved eachother through and through.  we knew that one day we would all graduate and move on with our lives and follow our dreams.  we were all excited for what the future held, but sad to leave behind some of the fondest memories.  it happened so fast- soon we were all living apart from eachother, some in other states. and it felt like in the snap of a finger- i had a part of me ripped out.  its not that i dont talk to any of these people anymore- but it was so different to be living with these guys and seeing them every singggggle day- that made the experiece one i will never ever forget. i loved that year and a half of my life.  i met some of the most incredible people ive ever known. and each and every one of them taught me something different.  

in about a month it will be the year anniversary that the majority of us gratuated.  i cant believe 11 months have gone by since then.  although life keeps going on and that date will get farther and farther away- i will never forget those times with my best friends.  i will always have a big place in my heart for every single one of them and the memories we shared.


Thursday, September 29, 2011


i am beyond grateful. grateful that no matter how lonely life feels- things always get brighter.  life will throw you down- kick you while youre down- but then there are those small moments that grab you by the hand and just bring you up to your feet once again. and let me tell you- life needs those sour moments in order for those sweet moments to be as lovely as they are. im grateful that life keeps me in check.  that life gives me moments where i feel weak. so that when i get through the struggle, i feel accomplished. and strong.  and proud of myself.  you have to hit the low sometimes to be able to be truly grateful when things are looking up. as much as i needed that moment- i am more than thrilled to be back to myself and feeling positive about life.  

i  a m  g r a t e f u l   f o r :

a friend that i can tell everything to and has stuck by my side through everything

a darling boyfriend who accepts my flaws

music that will fit my every mood

relief society general broadcast

spending quality time with my sisters and cute parentals

lunch dates in the middle of crazy days

enjoying time with my doggy in her old old age

sending an emoticon with every text message

having worlds best job! with the best people. beyond lucky.

drinking an ice cold red bull even though you know its not the healthiest thing

sunshine so warm at the end of september

waking up in the morning feeling excited

Friday, September 2, 2011

i had a good cry. i needed this.